Plant care

The end of the summer and beginning of the fall of 2016 has been very dry for the Birmingham area. Currently, those in the service area of the Birmingham Water Works are under a Stage 2 drought management plan. This means restricted watering for homeowners limited to two days per week, on designated days depending Read More

There is rarely a project these days, particularly a residential project, where we don’t use Boxwoods of some type.  Boxwoods have been a staple garden plant in Birmingham, especially in the “Over the Mountain” communities, for ages.  They are cherised by many and there doesn’t seem to be a wide selection of other plants that Read More

During the winter months, Blackjack Horticulture catches up on heavy pruning that is needed at maintenance client’s houses. At one particular home, vines have been creeping up one of the exterior walls that was unreachable by ladder. The area covered by vines was also on the back side of the house and equipment could not Read More

Have you tried and tried to keep grass alive in shaded areas? Unless you want to cut down multiple trees or anything else that is shading that area, keep that grass green is a tough job. However, there are multiple options that are just as pleasing to the eye as lush green grass. 1.       Moss. Read More

As mentioned in our previous blog post. Different plants need different amounts of water. We have two examples of plants that we have used with our clients in which one prefers a lot of water while the other prefers to be on the dry side. First, is the vinca. Vincas thrive in sunny and dry environments Read More

Since most of our plants have greened-up for spring, you have been able to enjoy the beautiful new growth along with the growth of unwanted vines like wisteria and ivy on trees and in beds. Pulling them out of your beds and off of your trees will get rid of them for a short amount Read More