Plant Décor

This time of year, pumpkins seem to monopolize the market – pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, and, lest we forget, PSLs (“pumpkin spice lattes” for those non-Starbucks drinkers). As delicious as these seasonal sweets are, have you ever considered decorating with a pumpkin? Not just stacking three or four on the front porch, but creating a Read More

Believe it or not, the first day of summer is less than one week away. Is your garden party on the calendar yet? Or is it a bridal shower this year? Whether you already have plans to entertain outside or are finalizing your outdoor get-together, consider incorporating one of our favorite floral arrangements. This unconventional Read More

In a few weeks, April showers will arrive to prepare for May flowers. We all know that during this month, perhaps the trendiest – and most practical – item one can carry is an umbrella. The reason is simple: no one likes to get wet. Whether you’re holding it up or hiding it in your Read More