Plant Tips

Blackjack Recap: Before we ring in 2019, our crews will continue leaf removal to make way for pine straw and mulch. You will also notice crews pruning in the next few weeks and spraying weed control throughout December and January. Please contact your Maintenance Account Manager if our men do not take care of these Read More

Blackjack Recap: Despite the recent warm weather, fall is upon us! Our seasonal color crews stormed UAB last week and will begin planting at residential properties toward the end of October. If you have not contacted our Seasonal Color Manager, Taylor Elders, about installing fall flowers at your property, please do so immediately. In our Read More

Blackjack Recap: With spring in full swing, our men worked hard in May to prepare properties for the start of summer. In addition to their normal maintenance routines, our crews have been pruning azaleas, putting out crab grass pre-emergent and fertilizing lawns, trees and shrubs. If you did not receive these treatments, please speak with Read More

  1.  If you’d like to brighten your indoor space, trim a few branches of forsythia, spirea or flowering quince to create a beautiful flower arrangement. These plants bloom from February to May and will last inside for 3-6 days. There’s no secret recipe to crafting the perfect bouquet – cut as much as you Read More